GENRE: Witchcore, Goth Rock
CITY: Montreal
LABEL: Talking Skull

RELEASE: 06/03/17

RIYL:  Chelsea Wolfe, King Woman, Myrkur
Feature Track: "In Trouble"

TONNES is a collective, continually evolving audio/visual experiment. Pulling influence from diverse idioms like dub, krautrock and black metal, they have coalesced over the last couple years into a challenging and monolithic band whos heavy sound lives up to the name. Songs are stripped down to a hypnotic, pulsating intensity, as the members push their musicianship to the limits, drawing from so many influences an entire new landscape has been created to fit the scope of the band’s chimeric visions. With the addition of Simone Pitot on vocals, the new version of TONNES situates in the emerging witchcore scene, joining edge artists like Chelsea Wolfe, Esben and the Witch and Myrkur in finding novel new ways to interpret goth, metal and psych. A TONNES show is a feast for the ears and eyes, drawing the audience deep into their singular dark journey. Their second EP, “The Tower” drops June 3, on Talking Skull.