GENRE: Punk Rock
CITY: Toronto
Talking Skull
RELEASE: 10/07/16

RIYL:  Sex Pistols, Ramones, Mean Jeans

HOBO LORD are three greasy weirdos from Toronto who are hell-bent on making you sweat by delivering fast and furious surf-punk gems straight to your earballs in 3 minutes or less.

Sebastian Freeman (30 Frames, Flesh Moves), Dan Scarfone (Hugs Honey Hex) and Adam Kolubinski (Hands & Teeth, Gur5sky) began sloshing up their own twitchy mix of surf-punk and cowabunga trash wave way back in 2014. Since then, they’ve rocked the shit out of CMW, NXNE and will be making f*ck upon POP Montreal this September, just before their debut album, Sweaty Already, drops in early October.

Do you like the Sex Pistols, Ramones and Dookie-era Green Day? How about garbage-punk newcomers like Mean Jeans and Nightmare Boyzzz? Then you’re sure as shit to dig HOBO LORD