RIYL: Pearl Jam, Bon Iver, Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeros

Born in Ottawa, Patrick Lac is a singer-songwriter and crowd hypnotist. A beast of intensity on stage who mixes a dark and rich universe of words with a soothing tenor voice and luminous guitar harmonies. His hand made solo albums (Rorschach – 2012 & Bridges – 2013) areDripping inspired artworks that have attracted the attention of critics from as far as Cincinnati, Ohio to the Cote-Nord of Quebec. 

Kento Kataoka is a stunning Japanese slide guitar player with remarkable sensitivity. He originally studied classical piano in Tokyo, but is now well established in Montreal as a soloist (Emma June, Mike McKenna). Nino Deram has played more than 350 shows around the world at the helm of a wide range of different musical projects. Be it behind a keyboard or a microphone, his compositions are fascinating, musical, and compelling. Rob Linton (The Parlour Steps, CR Avery) adds his drumming with jazz-tinged sensibilities and a driving, luscious indy-rock feel from the far reaches of the Left Coast. 

GENRE: Indie Rock
CITY: Montréal
LABEL: Independent

RELEASE: 11/15/15