CITY: Montréal
LABEL: Independent


RIYL: Tom Waits, The Felice Brothers, John Prine

Found at the unlikely crossing of one of a No-name city's main artery and a worn down, sun beat dirt road is Roch Albert. Fueling his inspiration from the many things left on his path by the ever-forward movement of the years, it is thus no surprise his first album ''Someday'' ends up being a down-home, authentic sounding collection of 9 songs, bringing up pictures of the city's stroboscopic speed, the late nights and early mornings, and the rural western-Quebec childhood of the songwriter.

Now backing his refreshing songwriting live with ''The Late Greats'', a rare mix of rock'n roll, jazz and blues musicians, he gets to inject his once solo act with the intensity and energy of a full band while keeping the soul and integrity of the songs on the forefront.