She Serpent is a 4 piece rock act out of Montreal. Harrowing vocals melodies, seering guitar tones, fuzzy lows, and driving drums define the bands post-punk psych sound. The quartet immediately garnered positive reviews from local press while stomping across the Montreal scene.

She Serpent shows up to play amps blazing. The band spent less then 2 hours tracking their EP live at Montreal's own Break Glass Studio. The fuzzed out psychedelic tones slithered their way onto tape with ease. No overdubs, no editing, straight to tape LIVE.  As for the recordings themselves, Melanie's poetic chanting takes on a dark, almost gothic tone while the rest of the band mounts an all out fuzzy assault on the crowd.  Akin to a charmer summoning its snake out to sway, the band hypnotises its listener. In a way the EP is just a signal flare for whats to come. While live shows remain the priority, a full length She Serpent LP can be expect later this year.

Catch them at Festival OFF Quebec, Buck Fest, Psych Montreal or at a club near you. She Serpent, a fresh new act that commands the spotlight with a greasy straight up post-punk ethos.