GENRE: Indie Rock 
CITY: Montréal
LABEL: Independent

RELEASE: 09/06/16

RIYL:  Galaxy 500, Kurt Vile, Mazzy Star  
Feature Track: "Too Early To Say"

I Must Be Dreaming Of You, the debut record from Wishkaah, aka Jesse LeGallais of ctznshp was written and recorded over the winter of 2015/2016 in Montreal while Jesse was home recovering from surgery. Earnest and simple, doomed yet dreamy,  I Must Be Dreaming Of You is above all else an album of terrified love songs to his wife and daughter.

I Must Be Dreaming Of You was recorded in LeGallais's simple home studio and was mixed by Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes) at Breakglass Studios and Mastered by Richard White from Traces. A record disinterested in time and place, but one that displays it’s influences lovingly. The distorted acoustic guitars of “Too Early To Tell” are reminiscent of The Jesus and Mary Chain, the hushed intimacy of “Sunday Chorus, With Hangover” is of a Mazy Star quality. The late night synths and emotive piano line on the chorus of “After The Fall, (Before The Sainthood)”, feels of New Wave, alll the while “The Wisher”, a deadpan love song, owes a debt of gratitude to the Silver Jews. 

Lyrically, the songs of I Must Be Dreaming Of You are personal and darkly humorous vignettes. On “After The Fall, (Before The Sainthood)”, one hears someone realize where they are in life and struggle to come to terms with the scary reality; “It’s like waking up on the wrong side of a fade out”. Meanwhile, on “Sunday Choir, WIth Hangover” one hears a person so in love that they're whispering to their sleeping lover, “I Don’t think I’d make if you died”.  The song, “Too Early To Tell” confronts feelings of helplessness in the face of what seems like an endless stream of heartbreaking global events by wanting to hideout with the ones you love; “I don’t believe this is going to turn out alright, lets hold up here, you and me, we can wait and see.”