High Waters are a captivating art-rock band from Ottawa, Ontario. They are dedicated to seriously thoughtful music presented in an exciting and elegant stage show. Combining guitar-driven rock and folk undertones with electronic textures, they deliver a sound reminiscent of Radiohead, Wintersleep and Grizzly Bear. Their album entitled 'Goodnight Mara' was released on September 19th.

'Goodnight Mara' is High Waters' first full-length album, encapsulating the band's stylistic progressions since the release of their debut 'Gather Wish' EP. From metaphysical abstractions of life after death, to the unspoken reality behind the throes of deep sleep, the album covers lots of uncharted territory with thought-provoking lyrics. Wonderfully arranged, the 12-track album is a unique body of work abounding with flavour that teases the musical palate and wets the appetite with every song. Up-front and vulnerable, the pure emotions conveyed in chamber folk song "Holden" are well-contrasted by subtle nuances of sci-fi synths and a thumping electro beat in the album opposite, "Isabelle". Songs like "Rip" and "Mercury" sit nicely in between with clear signs of rock, funk, neo-soul, and electronica influences.