GENRE: Cold-Wave 
CITY: Montréal
LABEL: Independent

RELEASE: 06/04/16

RIYL: The Clean, Joy Division, The Cult
Feature Track: ''Fire''

Ghost Vines is Goth-Pop, Cold Wave.  After just a year of writing and performing, Matt Lee(Devil Eyes Infamy), Jess Roze(Telegraphe Jungle) and Dave K (Vicious/Delicious) have an eponymous EP to offer.  The EP leads a dark and twisty terrain with a duets worth of harmonies. The hypnotic songs convey an unsettling push and pull through song structures best left at the door.  Ghost Vines EP includes the if nothing else, intense cover of Space Needle's "Never Lonely Alone".

Recorded and produced by I.D.A.L.G.'s Jean Michel Coutu, who notably recorded PyPy and CRABE. The EP will be available online and physically on cassette June 4th.