Colour Wheel EP - Colour Wheel

GENRE: Alt-Rock
CITY: Montreal
LABEL: Independent

RELEASE: 05/16/17

RIYL:  Guided By Voices, Weezer, Thin Lizzy

Colour Wheel is a Montreal alternative rock band. The group craft short, sweet songs in a 90's guitar rock style that pack a satisfying mixed up punch of huge pop hooks, loud crunchy guitars and blazing solos. All of these elements are on full display on their latest release, the self-titled COLOUR WHEEL EP is made up of 6 songs, each one lasting no more than three minutes. 

Following up on their quietly self-released 2015 debut LOSING STREAK's slacker sensibility and addiction to powerful hooks, the COLOUR WHEEL EP pulls songwriter Charlie Neufeld’s Polaroid palette into sharp focus. Featuring six tracks that are equally indebted to Guided By Voices and Weezer as they are to Thin Lizzy, Neufeld’s carefully constructed pop gems sound like radio hits from an alternative timeline. Tracks like “Memory Burn” swim in the after-image of childhood home movies and High School dances - this is Proustian power-pop; rich songwriting tapestries for a generation longing for a familiar sound. 

Recorded to tape by Peter Woodford at Montreal's Bottle Garden Studio then mixed and mastered by former Besnard Lakes guitarist Richard White at Breakglass Studio, the collection of songs on the COLOUR WHEEL EP jettison themselves out of the speakers and encapsulate the feeling of the 90's alternative movement while still feeling fresh and excitingly new. 


Led by songwriter Charlie Neufeld (Reversing Falls), the rest of the group is made up of local musicians Mike Wright (Freelove Fenner) Ian Davies (Holding Hands) and Jesse Sherritt (The Foggies). The group have blown away local audiences for the past year including gigs at POP Montreal and Pouzza Fest, they plan on spending the rest of the year playing more shows and recording new music.