GENRE: Electro-Rock
CITY: Montreal
RIYL: Future Islands, Majical Cloudz, The National
LABEL: Independent

RELEASE: 10/01/18

"After" is a cinematic and heartfelt record.
A breakthrough effort that captures the joy and terror of being a family.

Riddled with the anxiety and exhaustion of new parenthood. 

Jesse LeGallais wrote the sophomore Wishkaah record, “After”, while fathering his daughter and awaiting the birth of his son. The record speaks of love, the difficulties of being loved and how much harder it is to be loved. 

"My heart was blown open...nerves were frayed”,  LeGallais recorded the album himself during long Montreal winter nights. “I would put my daughter to bed then record. We live in a small apartment, so my little studio is right outside her door.” If you lean into the record you can actually hear his daughter waking up on some of the takes.

The sparse, warm and warbling sounds that span the record are credited to Jesse’s beloved Wurlitzer Omni 2000. “Pretty much everything on the album, except the drums, is the organ.”

For his vocal sound, Jesse referenced artists like Frank Ocean and Justin Vernon, then collaborated with long time friend Jace Lasek of Breakglass Studio’s to push the boundaries of his vocal aesthetic. 

Since releasing a first album, “I Must Be Dreaming Of You”, in 2016 and a lo-fi experimental EP in 2017, the new record “After” displays Wishkaah’s new sound and current state. “I spent a lot time choosing to be alone in my life thinking that I needed the space and time to work on my art. I was wrong, having kids made me a braver and bolder artist.”

“After” proves to be LeGallais’ most accomplished Wishkaah record and best work yet.