Chit-Chat prepare, package and send new music to campus and community radio stations. 
Because Music Directors and DJs receive a couple dozen submissions daily, we want your record to float to the top.
Specifically, we service those stations charting with !Earshot, plus CBC Radio producers, and US college stations reporting to DUSTED.

we have charted every release.

Music Directors are used to opening mail from Chit-Chat. There’s an element of brand recognition at play.
We’re mindful when it comes to selecting which albums to send. First and foremost, we’re heavy listeners and music lovers.

the proof is in the charting.

Some of our success stories include :
Colour Wheel – Colour Wheel (!Earshot: #27 nationally, 45x Top 30)
Ewan Macintyre – YPLBNA (!Earshot: #3 Folks/roots/blues nationally, #1 at CFRC FM, 12x Top 10)
Ghost Vines – Ghost Vines EP (!Earshot: #1 at CICK FM, 6x Top 10; 25x Top 30)
High WatersGoodnight Mara (!Earshot: 2x Top 10; 9x Top 30)
Isaac Vallentin – Hedera (!Earshot:12x Top 10; 21x Top 30)
Incredible Woman – Incredible Woman LP (!Earshot: 15x Top 30)
Jesse Speed – Warmth & Despair (!Earshot: #1 Folk at CFBX; 11x Top 30)
Jon Cohen Experimental – Go Getters LP (!Earshot: 13x Top 30)
Krystale – Say Anything (!Earshot: #22 nationally, 7x Top 10)
Midnight Vesta – Seconds LP (!Earshot: 8x in Top 10; 16x Top 30)
Midnight Vesta – The Sleight of Hand (!Earshot: 11x Top 30)
Owen Davies – Mystic (!Earshot: 3x at #1 CICK FM; 11x in Top 10; 26x in Top 30)
Owen Davies – Small Ideas EP (!Earshot: 5x in Top 10; 8x Top 30)
Pang Attack – North Country Psychic Girls (!Earshot:  peak #44 nationally; #1 CICK FM; #1 CFBU FM;  13x Top 10; 35x Top 30)
Pony Girl – Show Me Your Fears (!Earshot: 5x Top 30; CBC Radio 2: The Signal) 
Pony Girl – Foreign Life (!Earshot: #1 at CHUO FM; 3x Top 10; CBC Radio 2: The Signal; CBC Radio 3: 4x Top 30)
Toddler – Girls On My Mind LP (!Earshot: peak #3 CKXU FM; 12x in Top 30)
TONNES – TONNES EP (!Earshot: #47 nationally, 15x Top 30)
Raveen – Always (!Earshot: peak #7 nationally; 64x Top 30)
Shane Murphy – Staying in the Saddle For Rosie EP (!Earshot: peak #4 CHLY FM; 5x in Top 30) 
She Serpent – She Serpent (!Earshot: peak #22 nationally; 18x Top 10; 60x Top 30)
Smokes – Zone Eater (!Earshot: peak #20 nationally; 6x Top 10; 29x Top 30)
StillNative  StillNative (!Earshot: 4x Top 10; 5x Top 30)
Wake Island – Out! (!Earshot: peak #34 nationally; 38x Top 10; 45x Top 30; CBC Radio 3: 13x Top 30)
Wishkaah – I Must Be Dreaming Of You (!Earshot: peak #4 CICK FM; 30x in Top 30) 
Willis Pride & Half Nelson  Can You Feel It (!Earshot: peak #3 Jazz nationally; 2x #1 CFUV FM; #1 CJAM FM; #1 CFRC FM; 16x Top 10; 26x Top 30)

And we’re keeping track.

Your CD won’t sit in a pile, and we’ll personally ensure that the right programmers are expecting and then receiving your CD.  

A promo campaign for your album includes tracking, reporting back to you over the course of 3–6 months. Music Directors post weekly “tracking hours” to indicate when they’re available for phone calls re: submissions and album adds. Chit-Chat touches base with the stations to confirm when your album has been received and added to rotation. The personal touch is maximizing the opportunity for radio play, by making a point of reaching out to the DJs and producers of relevant shows.

Chit-Chat also tabulates an album's !Earshot appearances for you to use when applying for grants from FACTOR or The Canada Council for the Arts.

We’re musicians, too.

We started out sending our own albums and friends trusted us with theirs. By now we've tied up the loose ends in order to save on postage and the material costs associated with sending albums across the country. Ask about special pricing for independent labels.

Who listens to radio?

Radio is still today one of the most important mediums for music discovery. Keep in mind that most stations these days provide online streams and magazine-style content. The music industry has changed, but one thing has remained the same: radio’s ability to break new artists. Radio has been proven to increase streams & album sales and when done right, can increase ticket sales on tour. FACTOR grant application forms ask for your radio chart history, as that's a quantified metric in favour of your submission.


Given community radio teams are usually understaffed – most rely on volunteers – CDs tend to pile up on desks and shelves. When they start sifting, major label bravado speaks for itself and sets the tone of the experience.  Our projects look and play the part to ensure each submission hits its target. Don’t bother with glossy pictures, press clippings, full-page long bios or gimmicks. We send ours with a one-pager, written by a former Music Director and professional publicist. If your CD sounds right for the show, it will get played.